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Axel's Nature's Best has a collection of beetles on display. There are small beetles to discover but also big beetles and these come from all over the world. You can find for example the Goliath beetles from Africa and the Hercules beetle from South America. Discover a huge diversity in species but also a huge verity in the way individual beetles look within certain species.

Did you know that beetles have wings and can fly? Did you ever see them? In the museum you will be able to see the wings of the world's biggest beetles but also of smaller relatively unknown beetles. You might even be amazed to see the difference in appearance between male and female beetles of a species or rather how similar they can look as well!

There are Dutch posters on insect atonomy and scorpionflies, feel free to ask the hobby entomologist to translate it for you and explain a bit about it. If you listen well, you might be able to identify the different parts of the beetles in the collection!

Soon more information about beetles will be available down here!

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