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Welcome to Axel's Nature's Best!

Axel's Nature's Best is a private museum where you can visit on open days and appointment. The entry is for free and the hobby entomologist is excited to answer all of your questions! Here you can find many insects like butterflies and beetles from almost all parts of the world!

There is a lot to find out about how insects are prepared and mounted for collections and decoration. You a free to visit on your own or to take the whole family with you! Don't be scared to talk to the hobby entomologist, ask questions and even have a peak behind the scenes.

For those who can't get enough of all these wonderful displays, souvenirs such as frames can key-chains can be bought in the souvenir shop.

We'd like to welcome you in the museum!

At this moment the website is still in construct, in time more information will be availbale!

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