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The museum

Welcome! Here you can find more information about the museum and what to find within. First some information will be given on the history of the museum and after that more will be told about the museum itself.

The history:

In 2012 the museum was in the very starting phase with the owner developing the newly found hobby. As usual it started with reading books and website but that soon grew bigger. It was still in the year 2012 that the first insects were being mounted. As a self-taught profession, it did not go without problems. Unfortunately in 2013 the hobby found a sudden almost death as interest seemed to be lost. However, the blessing returned in 2015 when the hobby continued in its full glory. The collection focussed mainly on tropical insects and quickly grew in size. It was in the year 2017 that the collection was of size decent enough that the owner, Sven van Dijk, decided to open a museum and share his passion. December 14th 2017 the museum opened its doors!

What can you do in the museum?

Come and have a look at the beautiful collection of butterflies and moths ranging from blinding-bright blue Morpho butterflies to huge brown Atlas moths. Learn and biodiversity and variation within species. There are insects with abberations, specimens that for one reason or another look different than the usual members of its species. There are Dutch posters about insect atonomy and scorpion flies, the hobby entomologist gladly translates and explains the posters. There is a display with critters that have many legs but aren't insects, have a look if you dare.

Take your time to have a look behind the scenes at the workplace, also information about insects can be found on the touchscreen computer in Dutch but if you want information in English, the hobby entomologist gladly shares his knowledge.

And not to forget, there is a souvenir shop as well!

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